The ‘Fatal Four’

A construction job-site can be a dangerous place. If you’re working on a construction site, there is a lot you need to watch out for and a lot of safety measures to account for. Even when you take the proper precautions, construction accidents can still occur on the job.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified the four most frequently occurring construction accidents. Dubbed the ‘Fatal Four’, these accidents account for the most cases of workplace injuries and deaths. Knowing these common causes for fatal construction accidents and how to prevent them goes a long way in preventing personal injury harm to others.

Top 4 Construction Accidents

  • Falls accounted for 364 of the 937 private-sector construction deaths in 2015.
  • Caused by unsafe or improperly used equipment:
    • Unstable ladders
    • Unprotected ledges
    • Exposed girders/rebar
  • Make sure unsecure or unprotected areas are clearly marked
  • Take proper precaution before crossing any open floors or working around high ledges
Strikes-by-Object Accidents
  • Workers struck by objects accounted for 90 of 937 deaths in 2015
  • Occur from falling objects/debris or from getting struck by a vehicle
  • When driving a vehicles on a construction site, make sure you have unobstructed views
  • You should keep a safe distance away from any heavy-load bearing equipment
  • Construction accidents involving electrocution accounted for 80 deaths in 2015
  • Typically, these accidents occur from:
    • Non-grounded wiring
    • Power lines
    • Improper use of electrical equipment
  • If you are dealing with electrical equipment on the job site, take proper preventative safety measures to avoid electrocutions:
    • You should never use faulty machinery
    • Always where proper protection when you are working with exposed electrical equipment
    • Post warning signs around dangerous electrical equipment
Caught In/Between Objects
  • Construction accidents involving getting caught in, or between machinery or an object resulted in 67 deaths in 2015
  • You should always be alert and aware on a construction site. Avoid getting pinned by a vehicle or an object or getting caught in moving machinery.
Handling ‘Fatal Four’ Construction Accidents

You may have witnessed construction accidents resulting in personal injury. Maybe you have experienced an accident yourself, resulting in personal injury. Sometimes these accidents are unavoidable, but usually they can be avoided. By applying and adhering to proper safety precautions and specific job site guidelines, you can keep yourself and coworkers safe on the job.

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