In contracting and general construction work, there are bound to be accidents. Sometimes it is due to the nature of the work as opposed to the competency of the worker that an accident may occur. Regardless of the accident, workers should not fear employer retaliation for reporting injuries or cooperating in personal injury investigations.

Though an accident on the job-site could mean a major setback for all parties involved, it is important for employers to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their employees. Employers should not try to shirk responsibility or liability in the event of an accident.

For some however, this is not the case.

Recently, a contracting firm and its CEO, with offices in Tampa, Florida, have been charged with undue employer retaliation in a works comp claim.

According to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) complaint, Jasper Roofing Contractors, Inc. and CEO terminated its safety manager for cooperating in a safety inspection.

Overcoming Employer Retaliation

Nobody should face the risk of employer retaliation during a personal injury or workers comp claim. Occupational safety should be at the forefront of every employer’s mind.

Employees should never feel threatened to participate in or cooperate with a health and/or safety inspection or investigation. If you feel an injury on the job-site resulted in employer negligence, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Resources for Employees Reporting Claims and Violations

OSHA protects employees for participating and cooperating in safety inspections and investigations. To find out how you are protected, click here. To find out more about reporting an OSHA violation, click here.

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