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Are you in the middle of a contentious issue with your business partner? Did the actions or negligence of another person cause you physical harm? Are you locked in a construction dispute that’s holding up your project? If any of the above are true, you need a lawyer on your side ASAP.

Fortunately, Wolfe Law Tampa, PLLC is here for you in Tampa, Florida. Our legal team works hard to help clients handle all sorts of commercial, construction and personal injury issues in Tampa, FL.

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Trust Wolfe Law Tampa, PLLC with anything from business disputes to construction law

Wolfe Law Tampa, PLLC helps clients defend their rights and recover the compensation they deserve after a number of legal issues in the Tampa, FL area. Clients visit us for help with:

  • Construction Disputes: including issues with the scope of a project or the construction site itself.
  • Commercial Litigation: including intellectual property, partnership dissolution and employment termination
  • Personal Injury: including auto accident claims and medical malpractice lawsuits.

When you need an aggressive lawyer to represent you in Tampa, FL, you don’t have time to wait. Call 813-803-0022 right now for quality representation from a compassionate and aggressive attorney.

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Attorney Wolfe graduated from law school in 1996. He spent several years working at both boutique and large national law firms in the city. Since 1996, he’s represented thousands of employers and employees in all sorts of personal injury, commercial and construction matters. His background in business litigation gave him the experience he needed to open Wolfe Law Tampa, PLLC in 2016.

Reach out to us ASAP to discuss your situation with a business dispute lawyer in Tampa, FL who can help resolve your legal issue professionally.

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